HTS Version 2.01 Released

Version 2.01 This release brings some more Quality Of Life improvements, as well as a significant speed up for some users. Changelog: Demon Onboard Datalogging Demon AUX Inputs Datalogging layout change to support emulators and other AUX devices. Smart Auto port scan (Finds Ostrich,Demon,ECUTamer fast.)… Read More »HTS Version 2.01 Released

HTS Version 2.00 Released

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Version 2.00 There was a wealth of fixes in this new version and some new quality of life features as well. Bug in K table handler fixed. Added more K series read support. Internal adjustments for new server. Secure Addressing(HTTPS) for VIP. More detailed error… Read More »HTS Version 2.00 Released

HTS version 1.95 released

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Changes since version 1.94: Dealer server port changed by default. Updated Help files for VIPs. Fix GIO1 trigger bug. Fix Bluetooth Flasher showing too small for some people. Fix Some graphical bugs.

HTS version 1.94 released

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Changes since version 1.93: More hanlders for TunerView Log files. Added HondaRulez Wideband support. Bug fixes. Start Work on selectable burner type. Handler for missing .Net 3.5 (Will ask you to run as admin once so it can make the needed files within windows). Improve… Read More »HTS version 1.94 released

HTS version 1.93 released

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Changes since version 1.92: Fixed Datalogging Connection error with some devices(Cobra/hulog) Add Second Datalogging table to Windowed Mode Welcome to the new year! Hope to see you all, for all of 2020 and beyond! p.s. Flex Fuel boards should be shipping out next week for… Read More »HTS version 1.93 released

HTS version 1.92 released

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Changes since V1.90 / 1.91: Synced displayed state of few GUI objects. Option to add nicer looking gauges under “pretty gauges” Fixed some K series datalogging. Fixed Opening and Closing Handler for OpenPort2 driver. 168xB Control Plugin. (VIP Request:Solomon) Improved Error catch on messy closing… Read More »HTS version 1.92 released

HTS version 1.90 released

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Today, we have released the next Alpha V1.90. With the version release, we have improved / changed the following: Progress on getting onboard working on all roms. Re-arrange datalogging value list. Add scantool data table into OBD1 rom control. Graphs added on parameter page on… Read More »HTS version 1.90 released

Intro to HTS

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Shoutout to Huntertuned for the intro to Honda Tuning Suite!