HTS Features

Honda Tuning Suite has an extensive amount of features which give you the best handle on tuning your engine. HTS is under active development so the addition to features always has a potential in the future. Reach out to us on ideas and bugs that may need addressing in the software! 

Some features include:

  • Crome / eCtune map conversion
  • Fuel & timing manipulation
  • Fuel injector calibration
  • 2 step (& anti-lag)
  • COM based datalogging
  • Fuel & ignition cut
  • ECU code manipulation
  • ECT overheat protection
  • D, B, H & F series base maps included
  • VTEC / i-VTEC control
  • OTF O2 based fuel correction

… and much more (view full feature list)

Proven Tech

Honda Tuning Suite is a proved solution to build, test, tune and optimize your Honda D, B, H, F, K*, L*, R*, J* motors

* Currently in testing

Feature Rich

Unlock all of the best features that you demand in stand-alone ECUs -- without breaking the bank

Frequent Updates

Our active community of developers makes HTS the comprehensive tuning suite you need for your Honda

Our Mission

Our goal is to support OBD0, OBD1, and K/R/L/J series (with flashing) —  something that no other free software has accomplished.

Honda Tuning Suite, while still in development, is fairly featured and operational for the average tuner. Along with the tuning functionality basics, HTS ships with so much more including real-time datalogging, emulation support, popcorn mod, fuel & ignition cut, engine code / sensor manipulation, boost by gear, anti-lag, VTEC& i-VTEC support, wideband referencing, with new features constantly being added.

Full Feature List

Honda Tuning Suite includes everything you need to tune your naturally aspirated, turbo, and/or nitrous Honda engine D/B/F/H series engines.  HTS uses universal calibrations which are ROM-based, version independent and features automatic software updates

Note: K/R/L/J series engines are currently in testing by VIP Members

Basemap creator

  • Selectable ECUs
  • Selectable base maps for different engines
  • Adjust map sensor during creation
  • Adjust injectors during creation
  • Select amount of columns, boost fuel, boost retard

Table editing

  • Easy table editing
  • High and low cam tables with size 24×20
  • Auto Adjust selection based on wideband reading and target AFR
  • Interpolate Row and Columns
  • Smooth Map or Smooth Selection
  • Insert or delete row RPM
  • Insert interpolates the fuel/ignition values
  • Insert or delete column load
  • Insert interpolates the fuel/ignition values
  • Grab Cells: useful when doing a run or spotting a problem to hold this. It will select the cells
  • Follow VTEC maps: switch to VTEC maps in Honda Tuning Suite when entering VTEC
  • Follow Secondary maps: switch to sec maps in Honda Tuning Suite when entering sec map
  • Smart Tracking: selects the cells where the ECU is currently reading


  • Fast datalogging of 90 parameters
  • Live Tuner graphs (time vs AFR, RPM vs AFR/Boost)
  • Save logs for later analyzing, view in Graph mode
  • Custom Data display
  • Warning range for most parameters
  • Graph templates for different type analyzing
  • Auto reconnect (search for ECU) on timeout
  • Datalog files with Marker including comments. Useful for later replay.
  • Auto-save datalog on connection
  • Auto-save datalog if conditions met (TPS,VSS,RPM,TPS)
  • Load Tunerview Log File CSVs
  • Export to CSV

Table Graphs

  • 2D presentation of data
  • 3D presentation of data
  • Advance visual editing of tables
  • Map trails feature; You can see where the ECU read during a run, combined with RPM vs Afr/Boost you have powerful tool (see help file)

Correction/Advance tables

  • All correction/advance tables have a 2D view
  • Adjustable with quick keys (+ / -)
  • Adjustable with menu (right click)

Real-time Updates

  • Fast updating of the ROM
  • Upload a calibration only (less then 1 seconds)
  • Upload the base code (less then 4 seconds)

Tuner Graphs (Live plots)

  • Live Time vs AFR
  • Live RPM vs AFR/Boost
  • RPM vs Accel (in development)

Easy to use interface

  • The tuning interface was designed with input from many tuners. This helps to create one of the most intuitive tuning experiences available
  • Lots of options and data, open ended tuning interface
  • Read or write chips
  • View and clear error codes
  • Snapshot manager: make snapshots during tuning. Roll back an old calibration fast.
  • Export/Import tables only
  • 3 user configurable analog inputs
  • 3 inputs for wideband logging
  • Different predefined widebands or use custom volt to AFR table
  • Tools for Injector Calibration, TPS Calibration, Timing Sync, Boost Tables, Killing Injectors And table selection(high cam only, secondary map only)
  • Quick adjustments for Overall fuel trim, Injector Offset and Ignition trim
  • Scalar setup tools(RPM, load NA, load Boost, TPS, Alpha-N)
  • Direct communication with Innovate widebands, no ground offset issues anymore; PLX, AME, Zeitronix, Tech Edge are being tested
  • Shortcut Keys help menu; Explain the shortcut keys so you can work quicker
  • 3 General purpose outputs with fuel/ignition adjustments(or ability to switch to secondary maps)
  • Injector calibration with fuel offset, overall fuel trim and battery compensation table
  • Fuel trims: injector, overall, o2, TPS tip-in, crank, postfuel, tipout, ect(testing).
  • Gear based ignition and fuel corrections
  • Tip-In Ignition correction adjustable(tables/parameters)
  • Target idle( with IACV adjuster )
  • Support of different kinds of mapsensors(custom settings)
  • Table load selectable:
    • MAP sensor
    • TPS sensor
    • alpha-n
  • Selectable gearbox
  • Custom gear ratio learn tool
  • User adjustable fuel cut settings:
    • TPS
    • Load
    • delay
    • Minimum RPM
    • Restore RPM
  • Use any input for Service Check Connector or use KOEO TPS(key on engine off & TPS>50%)
  • Custom Service Check Connector routine for STATIC ign sync(testing).
  • Ac cut and ac idle recovery
  • Disable Ignition correction above X mBar
  • Starter signal disable
  • Fuel pump control
    • Always On(drain thank)
    • Always Off(safety)
    • Normal
    • Prime time when you Key On
  • Alternator control disable(useful on obd2 cars)
  • Control radiator fan with any output
  • Ect overheat protection; limits RPM
  • Lean protection with timer and check engine light(2x)
  • Boost compensation fuel(testing)
  • Boost compensation ignition(testing)
  • Traction control(testing)
  • Onboard datalogging will be supported shortly with the Moates Demon v2

Boost Control

Three configurable options for boost control depending on the build need:

  1. Electronic boost controller
    • RPM based compensation
    • IAT based compensation
    • Delta Map compensation for closed loop
    • Closed loop compensation
    • TPS target compensation
    • FastSpool option
    • Adjustable Outputs (EGR/IAB)
    • Adjustable Hz
    • 2D map gear vs boost | RPM vs boost
    • 3D map gear vs RPM vs boost(testing)
  2. Manual dual/tri/quad stage boost controller
  3. Dial-a-boost controller

Shifting and Launch Control

  • Anti-lag for both FTL (launch) and FTS (useful to keep boost up during shift)
  • FTL Type
    • TPS activation
    • Fixed point
    • FTL memory set by a button(rev to RPM press button, rev in memory until reset)/testing
  • FTS Type:
    • Fixed
    • Per Gear
  • BurnOut: press a button/switch to activate the burnout rev limit
  • Rev Limiter with fuel cut/ ignition cut/ fuel and ignition cut :
    • Hot and cold Rev
    • Hot can use per gear limiter (if you want a lower rev limit in first gear) (testing)
    • Soft Rev Limiter (design phase, testing)
  • Gear depended shift light (MIL/check engine)
  • 3-Step launch control with anti-lag and TPS activation
  • Cold, hot and MIL Stage boost cut protection


  • High and low load VTEC window(TPS based)
  • Alternate Output(for non VTEC ecu’s)
  • Ability to disable error checking and speed checking

Secondary maps

  • Quickly change maps for normal fuel, e85 fuel, race fuel, methanol, etc.
  • Selectable with any General Purpose output
  • Based on TPS/RPM/MAP

Closed loop boost control

  • Uses wideband 0-5v signal on 4 different ECU inputs
  • Target O2 maps in sofware for each fuel map
  • Target O2 maps for lean cruising(testing)
  • Target O2 map in ecu(testing)

n2o/Alcohol PWM controller

  • Adjustable HZ
  • 3d table RPM vs gear vs DC
  • TPS correction
  • DC vs Fuel Correction
  • DC vs Ign correction
  • DC vs correction can adjust your fuel/ignition based on the PWM DC (e.g. NOS flow)


  • Alternate output (non-IAB ECU)
  • Adjustable RPM
  • Completely disable IAB

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