HTS OBD1 Features

Honda Tuning Suite has an extensive amount of features which give you the best handle on tuning your engine. HTS is under active development so the addition to features always has a potential in the future. Reach out to us on ideas and bugs that may need addressing in the software!

Some features include:

  • Crome / eCtune map conversion
  • Fuel & timing manipulation
  • Fuel injector calibration
  • 2 step (& anti-lag)
  • COM based datalogging
  • Fuel & ignition cut
  • ECU code manipulation
  • ECT overheat protection
  • D, B, H & F series base maps included
  • VTEC / i-VTEC control
  • OTF O2 based fuel correction

… and much more (view full feature list)

Proven Tech

Honda Tuning Suite is a proved solution to build, test, tune and optimize your Honda D, B, H, F, K*, L*, R*, J* motors

* Currently in testing

Feature Rich

Unlock all of the best features that you demand in stand-alone ECUs -- without breaking the bank

Frequent Updates

Our active community of developers makes HTS the comprehensive tuning suite you need for your Honda

Our Mission

Our goal is to support OBD0, OBD1, and K/R/L/J series (with flashing) —  something that no other free software has accomplished.

Honda Tuning Suite, while still in development, is fairly featured and operational for the average tuner. Along with the tuning functionality basics, HTS ships with so much more including real-time datalogging, emulation support, popcorn mod, fuel & ignition cut, engine code / sensor manipulation, boost by gear, anti-lag, VTEC& i-VTEC support, wideband referencing, with new features constantly being added.

Full Feature List

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