HTS Version 2.15 Released

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Version 2.15

This release contains several Speed Improvements for K series,
And some new vehicle support.


  • Added Read/Write support for CANBUS Honda Stream
  • Added Read/Write Support for 9th Generation Civics
  • Substantially Improved Write Time of 2mb bins. (From 7 minutes to 1:45)
  • Increased Write Speed of 1mb Bins. (from 1:59 to 1:19)
  • Fixed bug when a potential buffer overflow would cause Rom reading to be cut short, giving an invalid rom.
  • Fixed bug with Squished text on 2d tables.
  • Increased Version Number.
  • Fixed bug where K series adjustment form wouldn’t apply changes.
  • Fixed Accept/Cancel button handler in K series Adjustment Form.
  • Fixed Misc Datalogging issues with K series.
  • Fixed SaveAs Shortcut.
  • Fixed Read/write dialog for K series unlocking
  • Fixed crash when it doesn’t detect j2534 device.
  • Added Save As Shortcut for K series.
  • Multiple backend bug fixes
  • General Performance Improvements

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