HTS Version 2.22 Snake Tuning Edition

Version 2.22

Snake Tuning Edition

This version is contains Several fixes and New features. 
The Snake Tuning development team were gracious enough to help fix a few errors that had been persistent in stumping us. 


  • Restructured some of the connection handler to allow more consistent connections.
  • Fix for specific datalogging setups failing to connect.   
  • Add Snake Specific Handler, No more installing drivers or setting ports for them.
  • Add Bluetooth Snake Connection so that you can datalog with HTS and run another app like tunerview at the same time.   
  • Fixed connection bug on large exchange frames
  • Fixed very fast reconnect bug
  • Added automatic disconnection when entering settings
  • Changed settings window (convenient control management).
  • The required version of Windows has been upgraded (>= W8.1)
  • General Performance Improvements

Since the minimum Version of windows has been updated, Use Version 2.15 for Windows 7 and lower, it will be available on the download page

Get it from the normal source.