Honda Tuning Suite Version 2.20

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Version 2.20

This release is purely for OBD1


  • Added HondaRulez Firmware Updater
  • Support for HondaRulez ET-Link
  • Datalog/Emulator Communications Bugfixes
  • Datalog/Emulator Communication Speed Improvements
  • Fixed several bugs when writing Settings Files
  • Removed HTS Logger because people were using it without required Hardware.
  • Increased Version Number.
  • Added Injector Nation Injector Deadtimes + HTS25 promo for I.N. Injectors
  • Added Language to setting file.
  • Added Additional Map Sensors(Sparks 4bar, NXP 2.5, 3 4, 7 bar, GM 4bar, DTC 3bar)
  • Partial Localization added
  • Multiple backend bug fixes
  • General Performance Improvements

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