VIP Membership



VIP is a way to support the developers and engineers who make Honda Tuning Suite possible.

To show the love, as a VIP member you get access to early/beta features as well as access to the K/J/R/L series flashing for CAN-BUS based vehicles.

With Dealer there is no “per car” licensing once you have it, you can tune as many cars as you like that we have support for.

If you need emergency definitions added there is a 75$ feeĀ  and will take roughly 2 hours during business hours (11am-8pm PST Monday – Friday )

Otherwise it can take up to 3 business days to add definition support.


Note: When ordering you must send your SerialID from the Info->Help/Support menu in HTS with your order so it can be activated.

If you are purchasing a single car license, please send your vin number along with your serial id.


There are NO REFUNDS on the software.