VIP/Flash Tuning Features

Join the VIP community and upgrade your Honda driving experience with the HTS CANBus Suite. Our all-in-one CANBus tuning and flashing software allows you to modify your factory ECU on CANBUS-based Honda vehicles from 2006-2007 and later with a Tactrix OpenPort 2.0.


Don’t see your vehicle explicitly listed? Try anyway and let us know if there are any issues unlocking. Our team will be notified immediately to add support for your vehicle.


We are currently focusing on CANBUS ECUs, however, we have added editor and tuning support for all K-Line Writeable Calibrations. For writing K-Line ECUs, you may use other software of your choice. Please note that Honda OBD2 Bosch ECUs are not supported at this time.


Enjoy access to advanced features like 

  • fuel and ignition timing table editing
  • J2534-based high-speed datalogging with 9ms per update
  • VTEC/i-VTEC Control
  • Electronic Throttle Body Remapping
  • Immobilizer Bypassing
  • and more.

Our built-in recovery mode ensures a safe and seamless tuning experience, with write times under 90 seconds for 1MB ECUs and under 120 seconds for 2MB ECUs. You’ll also have access to online tunes from our VIP repository.


Check out our list of supported vehicles, which will be updated as new read/write capabilities become available. Currently, vehicles from 2008 and later are supported, including Honda Civic, Honda Stream, Honda Inspire, Honda Fit/Jazz, Honda CRZ, Acura TL, Acura TSX, Honda Accord, Honda Ridgeline, Honda S2000, Acura RDX, Acura MDX, and Acura ILX. The list is not exhaustive, and support is available for vehicles from all domestic markets including USDM, UKDM, EDM, and JDM.

HTS CANBus Suite Screenshots


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