HTS Version 2.12 Released

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Version 2.12

This release contains several bug fixes for K series Datalogging,
CANBUS editing code, and Heatmaps.


  • Fixed Bug with K series Datalogging Parameters
  • Restructured K series Datalogging to use Selected Unit Conversions from Settings File.
  • Added more Definitions(Greek Civic EX RSA-G150, 1st Gen CRZ RTW-A050).
  • Added 15×15 table saving/loading(Throttle Related Maps).
  • Added Colorize Headers for K series Maps.
  • Fixed bug with K series maps not being allowed to go above 128.
  • Added Saving Axis Scalars to K series 2d and 3d maps.
  • Fixed bug with Static Axis.
  • Increased Version Number.
  • Added Quick Launch Last Log File from K series.
  • Fixed Datalog and Flash buttons disappearing when entering and exiting settings menu.
  • Fixed Duplicate maps added to K series Heatmap Selection in Settings File.
  • Added new Default Heatmap for K series for Readability.
  • Optimize threads to improve performance.
  • Multiple bug fixes
  • General Performance Improvements
  • Added Serial Latency Timeout Option in Settings form.

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