HTS Version 2.21(Hotfix)

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Version 2.21  This version is a HOTFIX patch for OBD1 to fix some errors that arose with the version 2.20 release.  The Datalogging in this version has been tested with SnakeEMU, Demon2, Demon1, and Tamer v1. If you can’t connect please check your settings, Make… Read More »HTS Version 2.21(Hotfix)

Honda Tuning Suite Version 2.20

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Version 2.20 This release is purely for OBD1 Changelog: Added HondaRulez Firmware Updater Support for HondaRulez ET-Link Datalog/Emulator Communications Bugfixes Datalog/Emulator Communication Speed Improvements Fixed several bugs when writing Settings Files Removed HTS Logger because people were using it without required Hardware. Increased Version Number.… Read More »Honda Tuning Suite Version 2.20

HTS Version 2.15 Released

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Version 2.15 This release contains several Speed Improvements for K series, And some new vehicle support. Changelog: Added Read/Write support for CANBUS Honda Stream Added Read/Write Support for 9th Generation Civics Substantially Improved Write Time of 2mb bins. (From 7 minutes to 1:45) Increased Write… Read More »HTS Version 2.15 Released

HTS Version 2.12 Released

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Version 2.12 This release contains several bug fixes for K series Datalogging, CANBUS editing code, and Heatmaps. Changelog: Fixed Bug with K series Datalogging Parameters Restructured K series Datalogging to use Selected Unit Conversions from Settings File. Added more Definitions(Greek Civic EX RSA-G150, 1st Gen… Read More »HTS Version 2.12 Released

HTS Version 2.10 Released

Version 2.10 This release contains some major bug fixes for Windows XP and Windows 7 Users , along with a complete reimplementation of the CANBUS editing code. Changelog: Completely removed all K series code in its current form.. Completely Rewrote all K series code related… Read More »HTS Version 2.10 Released

HTS Version 2.03 HotFix Release

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Version 2.03 This release contains some connectivity fixes for slower laptops, and cultural settings Also includes the CobraRTP analog input protocol. Changelog:   Add Cobra Analog Input Protocol. Fix invariant cultures issues. Add more debug info. Increase Slow Laptop Timeout. Fixed Missing Buttons In Windowed… Read More »HTS Version 2.03 HotFix Release

HTS Version 2.02 Released

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Version 2.02 This release contains some major bug fixes, and the first version of our native code. Changelog: Fix Several K series bugs with saving RPM and other 2 cell tables. Add more K series platforms to read(Acura CL NON Type-S, 1st Gen CRZ). More… Read More »HTS Version 2.02 Released

HTS Version 2.01 Released

Version 2.01 This release brings some more Quality Of Life improvements, as well as a significant speed up for some users. Changelog: Demon Onboard Datalogging Demon AUX Inputs Datalogging layout change to support emulators and other AUX devices. Smart Auto port scan (Finds Ostrich,Demon,ECUTamer fast.)… Read More »HTS Version 2.01 Released

HTS Version 2.00 Released

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Version 2.00 There was a wealth of fixes in this new version and some new quality of life features as well. Bug in K table handler fixed. Added more K series read support. Internal adjustments for new server. Secure Addressing(HTTPS) for VIP. More detailed error… Read More »HTS Version 2.00 Released