HTS Version 2.00 Released

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Version 2.00

There was a wealth of fixes in this new version and some new quality of life features as well.

  • Bug in K table handler fixed.
  • Added more K series read support.
  • Internal adjustments for new server.
  • Secure Addressing(HTTPS) for VIP.
  • More detailed error information for users.
  • Multiple Quality of life bug fixes.
  • Fast checksum protocol.
  • Added option for Moates Fast read/write protocol.
  • Fix for loss of focus on tables with shortcuts. (You will no longer be locked from using increase/decrease shortcuts)
  • Real-time update auto disables when encountering emulator buffer overflow.
  • Comport list scans device manager for what ports are available.
  • User Interface Q.O.L. adjustments.
  • Warning message for idi…. mommys and daddys that keep trying to datalog with Crome tunes.
  • Focus lock on datagrid view.
  • Changed label for Boost Control Output “P72 only to Add IC16.”


As always you can get the most updated version from