HTS Version 2.02 Released

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Version 2.02

This release contains some major bug fixes, and the first version of our native code.


  • Fix Several K series bugs with saving RPM and other 2 cell tables.
  • Add more K series platforms to read(Acura CL NON Type-S, 1st Gen CRZ).
  • More error information for K series read and write.
  • Add Bulk Adjust Table for K series
  • Add Definition for Acura CL (J32)
  • Add More Maps for 06-11 SI.


  • Rewrite code to Native.
  • Fix AC already selected bug.
  • Change default to fast protocol.
  • Disable slow protocol when using demon.
  • Fix value range bug in secondary conditions.
  • Fix secondary map checkbox in popcorn mod.
  • Add Watch dog for ECU resets.


  • Datalogging and emulator disconnects on ECU reset to prevent CPU sitting pegged 100%.
  • Add support for HTS SD card logger.
  • Fix graph divider location on save as.
  • Improve map parsing of unknown bins to read tables and settings.
  • Add more exception checks and debug log info.


  • Switch Demon AUX mode for higher accuracy.
  • Fix bug on verify ROM when using quick checksum on slow protocol.
  • Optimize threads to improve performance.
  • Multiple bug fixes
  • General Performance Improvements

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