HTS Version 2.10 Released

Version 2.10

This release contains some major bug fixes for Windows XP and Windows 7 Users ,
along with a complete reimplementation of the CANBUS editing code.


  • Completely removed all K series code in its current form..
  • Completely Rewrote all K series code related to table editing.
  • Added more Definitions.
  • Add Bulk Adjust Table for K series.
  • Added 2D plot for 3d tables.
  • Redid all colors for K series heatmaps.
  • Added selectable heatmaps in options. (included with download)
  • Added logging to K series.
  • Added displays for most common k series sensors.
  • Add Checksum fixing for defined roms.
  • Add dragable plot points for k series.
  • Add U and D shortcuts to increase and decrease cells in K series maps.
  • Included the HTS K series Logging Software to view logs after being written.
  • It implements a binary search (worst case O(log n)) to find the axis limits within the data series.
  • O(n) to render everything between the axis limits


  • Fixed Windows 7 and Windows XP launch bugs.
  • Fixed Closed Loop boost control tables being overwritten.
  • Optimize threads to improve performance.
  • Multiple bug fixes
  • General Performance Improvements

Get it from the normal source.