HTS Version 2.01 Released

Version 2.01

This release brings some more Quality Of Life improvements, as well as a significant speed up for some users.


  • Demon Onboard Datalogging
  • Demon AUX Inputs
  • Datalogging layout change to support emulators and other AUX devices.
  • Smart Auto port scan (Finds Ostrich,Demon,ECUTamer fast.)
  • Port Helper tool (In case of some still having issues)
  • Settings GUI redesign for Demon AUX scaling.
  • Auto version check setting.
  • Save debug info on crash setting.
  • Close loop redesign, Added checkbox to load default settings for wideband.
  • Exposed min ECT trigger at expense of adjustable long term adjustments.
  • Multiple bug fixes
  • General Performance Improvements

Get it from the normal source.