Bluetooth Datalog Module


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Honda Tuning Suite Bluetooth module for Bluetooth datalogging on chipped OBD1 Honda ECU’s! This module is designed to plug directly into your chipped ECU’s 4 pin datalog header either USDM or JDM ECUs. Be sure your ECU’s chip has datalogging enabled (Honda Tuning Suite has Native Connectivity, Crome software requires the “Quick datalogger + RTP” feature ) and datalog wirelessly via Bluetooth using the Tunerview Android App.

What do I need to use this Bluetooth module?

  • Socketed/chipped OBD1 civic/integra ECU with 4 pin datalog header installed.
  • Chip in your ECU must have datalogging enabled on its programming.
  • For chips programmed with Crome, go to “plugins” > “enhancements” > “Quick datalogger + RTP”.
  • Download the Tunerview Android app on your android device from the Google Play store:
  • Purchase the datalog protocol for the application of your choice(Honda Tuning Suite/eCtune protocol is required for HTS, QD3 is for Crome, Neptune for Neptune, etc) (in-app purchase).

NOTE: Use pairing code 1234 for this device to pair with your system.

What information can be displayed and datalogged via Bluetooth?

See the Tunerview Android app page for more info.