HTS version 1.92 released

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Changes since V1.90 / 1.91:

  • Synced displayed state of few GUI objects.
  • Option to add nicer looking gauges under “pretty gauges”
  • Fixed some K series datalogging.
  • Fixed Opening and Closing Handler for OpenPort2 driver.
  • 168xB Control Plugin. (VIP Request:Solomon)
  • Improved Error catch on messy closing cleanup. (Should also remember location of toolbars on dirty close)
  • Default units and Color changes as per community poll results. (Can be changed in settings)
  • Handling of .ASM files now use HTS assembler and apply TRB bug fix and managed DD switch.
  • Rom Plugin system to handle custom roms written in ASM.
  • Rom 1.15 Completed
    • Fix ignition cut and timers
    • Fix GIO corruption.
    • Fix TimingLock
    • Added FlexCondtions
    • Onboard Datalogging (Under test with few people)
    • Improved ISR stack speed.
    • Fix LeanProtection 2 timer pointer.
    • Fix IAT2 correction table.
    • Fix Auto Solenoid A logic.
    • Fix Over Heat protection stack return.
    • ~Merge Changes from 1.14.
    • ~Merge Changes from 1.13.
  • Discontinue Rom 1.13 and 1.14 with warning message to upgrade.
  • Bug fix for datalog table. (Only use its realtime trace with powerful laptop, It still logs all values without that ticked)
  • Serial thread catch to reset emu/datalogging on thread lock.
  • Condition Check added to redraw function (Should speed up moving window and UI interactions).

HTS would also like to welcome 2 new Devs, Brett and JJGREY. We look forward to working with you.