HTS version 1.90 released

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Today, we have released the next Alpha V1.90. With the version release, we have improved / changed the following:

  • Progress on getting onboard working on all roms.
  • Re-arrange datalogging value list.
  • Add scantool data table into OBD1 rom control.
  • Graphs added on parameter page on right-click.
  • Default UI color / position changes.
  • Battery monitor echoed on title bar.
  • Fixed Tip-in ECT corrections.
  • Datalogging passthrough output.
  • Added community requested shortcut keys.
  • K series datalogging ability vastly improved.
  • K series tables completed for Civic Si running gear.
  • Added import / export tables in place of base rom converter.
  • New ROM version 1.14.
  • Onboard datalogging triggers.
  • Fixed timing sync not locking.
  • Improve O2 closee loop performance.
  • Serial delays defaulted to 80ms.